About JJs Landscaping Inc.


Thank you for your interest in using JJ's Landscaping for your landscaping needs. In order for you to make an educated decision on who to use for your landscaping needs, we feel it's important for you to know who you're dealing with.

JJ's landscaping has been landscaping the Pittsburgh and surrounding areas since 2001. Our shop is located off of Rt 88 in the South Hills of Pittsburgh.

At JJ's Landscaping we have business principles that we live by:

  1. Do It Right
  2. Do It On Time

We take great pride in making your yard the talk and envy of your neighborhood. We know that time is money for everyone so we make sure we are very punctual and work hard to meet your expectations.

Another thing you can expect from JJ's Landscaping is proper communication. Too many times home owners are left in the dark about critical details such as the completion date, delays, and general progress of the job. We take personal pride in going the extra mile when it comes to keeping you up to date about your project.

If you have landscaping needs or are considering enhancing the appearance of your existing landscaping, click the graphic on the right of this page to submit a free quote request or call us at (412) 537-4031.

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Questions and Answers

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Are you insured?

Good question, because that is an important question people may not ask. Yes, we are insured - not only to protect our workers in the case of an injury, but we carry additional home owner liability insurance to protect you, the home owner as well. We will provide certification upon request if you would like verification of our coverage.

Do you accept credit cards?

Yes, we accept all credit cards as payment for services. Please note that there is a 3% charge
added to transactions paid for using credit cards.

What type of services do you offer?

We offer many different services, many of which are listed on this page. If you have an outside project that includes a service you do not see listed please call or email me and I will contact you to discuss if we can assist on your project.

Do you do the work yourself?

Personally, not always. But I do not hire outside contractors to do the work, if there is a crew working on your project, they are one of my crew. I know it can be frustrating to think you have hired a specific person to do a project, and a totally different person shows up to do the work. I have multiple crews I will send to various jobs, but I tried sitting behind a desk and did not like it - so you may very well see me out there working with your crew on a certain day, or checking in on their progress, but even if I am not at your particular project, you can be confident I will know what is being done, and when. I hire people to work on my crews that I feel have the same attention to detail that I do. After all, it is important to myself and my crews that your project be the envy of the neighborhood, that is why I get so much business by word of mouth, and by my reputation. So rest assurred if I do not personally do the work on some projects, my crew knows I expect the same level of quality from them as if I were working right beside them, because on any given day - I do.

Do you have references?

Yes, click the link here to go to my testimonial page.

Featured Services

Concrete Work - which include driveways, patios, sidewalks, steps and almost any other exterior element of your house that may need concrete work.

Retaining Walls - We are very experienced with building retaining walls and make sure the job is done right. Most of the time retaining walls are not only decorative but also critical to the structure of your yard. A poorly constructed retaining wall can cause many headaches and money for years to come. So it is crucial that you entrust this work to an experienced landscaper like JJ's Landscaping.

New Lawns and Excavation - In many cases in order to have the yard of your dreams it requires a larger job such as excavation. Similar to retaining walls this is not something you want to leave up to the less experienced landscaping companies. JJ's Landscaping takes great pride in our excavation experience and knowledge to assure you get the job done right.

Additional Services

  • Ponds
  • Fencing
  • Tree Removal including stump
  • Tree Trimming
  • Mulching
  • Landscape Design
  • French Drains
  • Irrigation Systems

If you are considering a project that is not listed above please feel free to contact us to discuss if we may be able to provide that specific service.